Life can get in the way of living.

Yet, even when things haven’t gone the way you’d hoped…When pain, anger, frustration and sadness have replaced hope and comfort…When all you have is the sense that something has to change…

…you can discover your inner strengths and resilience.

Through personal healing, new perspectives, and psychoeducation, change can happen to restore peace and happiness. You can live an amazing life!

Change does not necessarily come easily. Sometimes it is too slow. Sometimes it feels unsafe.

At Carapace Counseling, in the way that a carapace – the protective shell of the turtle – provides physical safety, my primary goal is to provide a level of emotional safety for each person, couple, child, or family member to nurture change by

  • expressing concerns
  • developing trusting and caring relationships
  • improving communication
  • resolving conflicts

All of these elements are important to psychological health.